Changemakers Student Fund

The Citizens Board launched its Changemakers Student Fund, formerly known as Select Projects Fund, in September 1997 to collectively impact the University of Miami’s schools, colleges, and departments. Over the past 24 years, the Citizens Board Changemakers Student Fund Committee has allocated more than $1 million to University faculty, students, and staff to enhance the student learning experience and expand the University’s valuable services to the community. Each year, individual Citizens Board members make donations to directly support this Fund.

Citizens Board members who donate an additional $250 to the Changemakers Student Fund become champions. We thank the following members for their generosity:

Susan Adams, L.L.M.T. '92
Gabriela Adessi
Marivel Andreu
Matthew Beekhuizen, B.B.A. '91
Jamie Byington, B.B.A. '81
Eric Cheng, B.S.B.E. '95, M.S.I.E. '01
Ivette Chinigo, B.S.N. '88
Christian Cobb
Linda Corey
Eduardo Cosio, B.B.A. '84
Kenneth Dubow, B.B.A. '76
Raymundo Feito, B.Arch. '80
Ronny Finvarb, B.B.A. '93, J.D. '96
Sheryl Firestone, A.B. '70
Angel Gallinal
Nicola Gelormino, B.B.A.'05, J.D. '11
Francisco Grande
Carlos Guzman, B.B.A. '04
Alex Hernandez
Roberta Jacoby
Sandy Jukel, B.B.A. '79
Raymond Kayal, J.D. '92
Mary Alice Kubit, A.B. '69
Eric Levin
Mark Margulies, B.B.A. '89, M.S.T.X. '90
Elizabeth Marquardt, J.D. '06
Thomas Pfeiffer, A.B. '93, M.B.A. '03
John Pittaluga, B.S.M.E. '83
Stephen Rutchik
Randall Sookoo, B.S.C.P.E. '03
Efrain Sora
Jon Stemples, B.S.E.E. '63
Gene Sulzberger, J.D. '91
Ana VeigaMilton, J.D. '93
Michael Villasana, M.B.A. '93
Rob Weaver, B.S.M.E. '08, J.D. '11

Any and all questions should be directed to Luisa Cotto at or (305) 284-5237.