About DAR


Our Division supports and promotes the mission, purpose, and priorities of the University of Miami through fundraising and engagement. We do this by building and nurturing strategic and philanthropic relationships to improve and transform the lives of individuals and communities.


As a national leader in philanthropy, we will shape and make a difference in our University, our profession, and our community.


We actively embrace the University’s DIRECCT values (diversity, integrity, responsibility, excellence, compassion, creativity, and teamwork). In addition, we are committed to values central to our Division, which guide our strategic thinking, decision-making, and day-to-day interactions with each other and our stakeholders, including:

Service: We are in service to the best interests of our University, and provide outstanding care to our donors, alumni, students, parents, patients, and each other. We foster a culture of philanthropy within and beyond our division.

Gratitude: We recognize, respect, and value the contributions of all, and seek meaningful and creative ways to express appreciation and demonstrate impact.

Trust: In accepting gifts, we understand that our donors have entrusted us to honor the intent of their support now and into the future. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards for conduct, accountability, and confidentiality.

Partnership: Our best and most innovative work is achieved together, in cooperation, coordination, and collaboration toward a common purpose. As a Division, we are deeply committed to a performance-based culture of excellence and support of each other’s professional and personal goals.

Culture of Philanthropy

At the University of Miami, and in the Division of Development and Alumni Relations, we seek to build and sustain a culture of philanthropy. Our donors are the focus of all our endeavors, and the true measure of our results is in the impact of their philanthropy on our institution.

We recognize that what motivates our donors is the desire to make a lasting difference on people’s lives. Embracing a culture of philanthropy means working with our colleagues across the University to make that happen, through responsible stewardship of the gifts that donors entrust to our institution. At the same time, we strive to make sure donors know they are valued and appreciated, through clear and consistent demonstration of the impact of their philanthropy.