Endowment Giving

Endowments are those funds, which donors have given with some stipulation as to the use of the principal of the gift. There are three types of endowment funds.

  • Permanent Endowment Funds : Funds where the donor has stipulated that the gift is to be maintained inviolate and in perpetuity, with only the income from this gift to be expended.
  • Term endowment Funds: Same as permanent endowment, except that by the terms of the instrument of gift, the gift principal might be released from inviolability to permit all or part to be expended.
  • Quasi-Endowment Funds: Funds, which the Board of Trustees of the University, rather than a donor, has determined, are to be retained and invested with only the income available to be expended.

Make an Impact

Gifts to endowment are the University’s best means of ensuring sustainability for the future.
The Alumni Faculty Endowment Fund

Donations help UM to make a lasting impact in our local communities.

The Dr. John H. Talbott Endowment Fund

Through your support, UM continues to expand its research capabilities.

The Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series Endowment

Help us recognize the accomplishments of our distinguished alumni.

Susan T. Jones Leadership Program Endowment Fund

Each gift, whatever the amount, has the power to improve students' lives.

The Audrey R. Finkelstein Endowment Fund

Help support the University’s commitment to Lifelong Learning.

The Maytag Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund

By making a gift, you will foster ongoing excellence in teaching and learning.